TPO Roof Systems

TPO membranes are single ply roof membranes constructed from ethylene propylene rubber. They are designed to combine the durability of EPDM rubber with the proven performance of hot air welded seams. These systems include a reinforcement fabric that help make these roofs resistant to tears and punctures, yet they still maintain good flexibility to allow for building movement. 

The seams and flashings on TPO roofs are typically secured using a hot air welder.  These technically sophisticated welders quite literally melt the material together at the seams to form a long lasting bond.  This technique provides superior seam strength and does not rely on glue or tape.  They have been tested as having excellent resistance to ozone, and are algae-resistant, environmentally friendly and safe to install.

This system can be applied one of three ways: fully-adheredmechanically-fastened or ballasted.  TPO roof systems are most often white, but are also available in other colors to meet any aesthetic requirements of a particular application.  TPO roofing material is available in a variety of thicknesses.  As a general rule, the thicker the material, the longer the warranty available from the manufacturer.

TPO roof strengths:

  • Heat welded seams
  • reinforcement scrim
  • long warranties
  • white color reflects the sun’s UV rays.


TPO roof weakness:

  • Where EPDM rubber is 30+ year old, TPO’s oldest formulas are less than 20 years. Depending on the manufacturer, they have been through many formula changes, ranging from two to 15 years.