Commercial Solar Roofing

Flat roofs have a significant amount of untapped potential for energy production.  Your roof top may be a perfect place for solar panel installation.

Learn more about the Greenville School solar project:  "Want Free Electricity? - Eikenhout Article


We have developed relationships with select solar power systems manufacturers, allowing us to offer a blanket warranty that covers both the PV array and the roofing system. Having installed PV arrays, we understand the importance of upholding the integrity of your roof along with the installation of a renewable energy system.





Weather Shield Roofing Systems completed a 101 kW solar array on Greenville High School in 2010.  We adhered amorphous thin-film panels to the new 60 mil TPO membrane.  This project is part of a larger initiative by  the city of Greenville and Uni-Solar to install photovoltaic panels on almost all of the 35 city government and school buildings in Greenville as funding becomes available. 

Although current costs and technology make unsubsidized arrays impractical, we are closely monitoring the development of this exciting field for opportunities for our clients.


What Our Customers Have to Say: 

Magic Steel

"The guys on the crew were friendly and cleaned up their mess, which is a big thing.  They continually showed me what was happening and seemed very OSHA conscious.  The roof looks really good."

- Brian W.