Gold Shield Guarantee

The Best Roof Warranty You’ve Ever Owned.

Exceeding Manufacturer Requirements

Many commercial roofing warranties fit the descriptor you have probably heard before: “What the warranty giveth, the fine print taketh away.”  Whether it is the result of inferior product selection, poor design, or failure of the roof itself, an amazing number of flat and low-slope roof owners are promised the world when it comes to roof life expectancies and warranties, but in reality are given poor roofing products and warranties that are not worth the paper they are written on!

When you partner with Weather Shield Roofing Systems, you are choosing a company that provides you with outstanding quality and workmanship using an array of high quality roofing products from the best companies in the world. We pride ourselves on not merely meeting manufacturer requirements, but exceeding them in a way that allows us to add value to your warranty—what we call our “Gold Shield Guarantee Program.” In short, this program adds value to the manufacturer warranties and provides even greater protection and peace of mind for you when it comes to your roofing investment.  All of our warranties include enhancements over and above the manufacturer's guarantee, including wind, hail, temporary repairs, and response enhancements. 

Contact us to find out more about how Weather Shield can provide you with the best roof and best roof warranty you’ve ever owned.  You won’t have to break the bank to get it!

We provide:

  • Variable Warranty Duration:  From 15 to 30 Years
  • Exclusive “Gold Shield Guarantee Program.”  We add value to the manufacturer warranty and provide an even greater measure of protection for the life of your roofing investment.
  • Installation crews that take pride in the quality of their workmanship. The combination of quality products and excellent craftsmanship provide you with the greatest value.   (Just ask our manufacturers.  We continue to receive recognition for the highest quality of work!)


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What Our Customers Have to Say: 


St. James Parish & School

"I don't recall how we found out about your firm, but we are glad we did!  Your crew responded to our needs immediately.  They worked quickly, efficiently and neatly; no unsightly messes, very informative and cooperative.  It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Jim Bush and the Weather Shield Company.  Your warranty and service are outstanding.  Thank you!!!""

an S- Norm.