The Weather Shield Story

Commercial Roofing Company: Commitment to Customer Service

We are a commercial roofing company that specializes in fixing the flat roofs no one else can. To do this, we use the most reliable, state-of-the-art infra-red and nuclear moisture scanning equipment to pinpoint the invisible hidden causes of your roof leaks. This eliminates guesswork and can save you thousands of dollars!

I personally promise to give you the same unequalled commitment that has thrilled our clients for 30 years and has made Weather Shield Roofing Systems West Michigan’s leading flat roof specialist. You have my word that we’ll give you results, not excuses.

- James Bush, Owner and CEO

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Weather Shield Roofing Systems is a Tier 1, best-in-class contractor specializing in flat commercial re-roofing.

Weather Shield was named one of the “Top 100 Contractors in the US” by Roofing, Siding & Insulation Magazine in 2010 (for the 4th time), and has twice been named “Roofing Contractor of the Year” by one of the nations’ leading manufacturers of thermoplastic roofing.  James is a recognized industry expert who is a seminar speaker and trainer on commercial roofing.  This experience and industry recognition guarantees we won’t be “practicing” on your roof!


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What Our Customers Have to Say: 


Great Lakes Adventist Academy

“We have found Weather Shield Roofing to be a top-notch company.  Their careful, professional service in putting roofs on five of our campus buildings made everything go smoothly.  I give them my highest recommendation!”

- Gregory L.